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Premier Real Estate Services.

About Cheryl Klinkner

I have always had a passion for the Real Estate Market. With 30 years combined experience in Business Ownership and Financial Administration, I’d love to put my knowledge, skills, and experience to work for you. Whether you are selling your current home, buying your first home, dream home, or a great investment property, I’ll make it my goal to help you find your perfect place.

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This St Cloud House Selling Lament Is Easily Avoided

 One often-repeated lament you hear from St. Cloud house sellers is this one: “I wish we’d done the [major remodeling project] long ago so we could have enjoyed it!” It’s probably

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This Week St Cloud Gets A Columbus Day Kickoff

 This is the week that leads off with the Federal holiday that reminds us of the epic turning point of Christopher Columbus’ voyage of discovery—the day he arrived in the Americas. St.

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St Cloud FixerUpper Projects Ripe For FirstTime Investors

 The fix-and-sell investment strategy is as popular as ever thanks to exposure on cable television—both as TV series and late-night advertorials. St. Cloud fixer-upper properties offer-

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It Is Not Halloween Yet But Some Home Decor Is Horrifying

St. Cloud neighborhoods are already boasting their traditional pre-Halloween decorations. Like ‘mums and pumpkins, the appearance of mannequin goblins and ghosts is, after all, some of the

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